Sunday, December 21, 2014

'Hey n*****, stop killing innocent people': Al Sharpton plays racist voicemail for the press as he reveals he's received multiple threats since Brooklyn cop slayings | Daily Mail Online

Aww, poor All, ya think those NYC cops would have appreciated a phone call that their lives were in danger ?? At least they would been more aware of their surrounding's......
Fuck You, you race baiting scum of the earth !! You and Ebama both !!!!!
            Al and his beautiful wife

NAACP: 'No Connection Between' Anti-Cop Protests And NYPD Murders | The Daily Caller

Wait, what ??????
So now we need gun control ??
The NAACP is now saying that only the cops should have guns, as they protest unarmed shootings ?? Huh ????
Wow, these ppl had better figure out what side they're on...........

The picture stole from Brock at Free North Carolina

Liberty's Torch: Unpleasant Necessities Dept.



Mirror Mirror........


Authorities say cop killer wanted retaliation for Michael Brown, Eric Garner deaths | Fox News


So, was anyone listening 6 months ago When I predicted this exact thing ???

The police of America have been killing ppl, dogs and even injuring little babies with flash bangs !! This isn't a racial thing, its a cop thing !!!
I feel terrible these cops died, I hope no one, not cops, blacks, whites, purples or dogs die from now on, but the police have put themselves in a predicament, and now must walk back the police state tactics, or more innocent cops will die !!!
This has nothing to do about race, its about the militarization of the police forces all over the country !!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Two More People Burned Alive – During Possible Gang Related Violence… | The Last Refuge


Why I Carry............
And you can bet I won't leave home without it again, because if some nigga wanna burn me, he's gonna die !!!!!!!

Ex-CIA Employee Admits President Obama is a "radical Islamic" Enemy of America -


Just thought you'd like to know...........

10 Reasons Why Facebook Users Should Be Declared Clinically Insane | UnCensored 21


Read this, if you're on FB, maybe you won't be after !!!!!
I used Facebook when my company was on strike, I've since left it be, there's still an account, but I don't deal with it, you'd be smart to do the same............

We're all guilty | Response Action Network


They say, I'm still not sure who the fuck "they" are, every american commits almost 3 felonies per day that we're not aware of. Every day I can commit the crime of forgetting to put on my seat belt, but that's a state crime. Its high time to erase some of the bullshit the state and the feds call "crime", I'm tired of the law trying to protect me from myself !! In this world, survival of the fittest should be the law of the land, but the courts have abandoned that...
Think of it, 1/4 of the idiots wouldn't be on the road if they didn't tell them that gasoline is highly flammable, if they just let " shit happen " it would be a better world !!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gun control has turned Australia into a nation of defenceless victims, says senator | Australia news | The Guardian


Just like when we told the progs that Ebamacare would raise rates AND be a clusterfuck, the ppl told the Australian government that disarming good ppl would make the bad ppl bolder, they wouldn't here of it, the elitists feel they are superior to the common man, yet we prove them wrong over and over with the cost of many lives, its sad, really..........

WHEN IT ALL FALLS DOWN: A Peshawar-Type Attack Will Happen Here | Bearing Arms


And the libtards will blame everything but the people that commit the crimes...........

Anti-gun politician convicted over teen staffer vowing revenge - National gun rights | Examiner.com


This is a non-story, he's a DemoncRat, this is a badge of honor !! I wouldn't be surprised if he's in contention for pResident in 16...........

A Little Thursday Red !!!!!!!!!