Thursday, August 28, 2014

D.C. Trys to Reinstate Overturned Handgun Ban | Washington Free Beacon


They'll do anything to control people, stats tell the story, if the criminals don't know who's carrying, they have second thoughts on who might shoot them if they try to hurt or rob them, what more do these idiots need ??

A little Red To Brighten Your Day


Culture of Corruption: Nearly 15% of CA Senate Dems Charged or Convicted

Bitchs be getting away with murder !!!
This is why I have a hard time supporting Kalifornian's, the gun owners ask for help, then let these ppl get reelected, in my town a few of us found out our mayor was in bloomies MAIG, we got the word out and he was no more !!!! Or they move away to escape the insanity, and start fucking up their new communities by electing progs all over again.... Fruits and nuts, I swear ........ ;-)
Thanks to The Daily Time Waster.....

Glacier-like hazards found on Ben Nevis - BBC News


Dang global warming, er climate change..........

Former NATO Supreme Commander: West Must Re-Arm to Stop Russia


Europe had better wake up and realize, America can't bail them out !! Our manufacturing lead is no more, we get steel from China for fucks sake !!!!!!!!

I Stand With Police Officer Wilson - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Well, race baiting ?? Legitimate shoot ?? What y-all say ??????

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition | Zero Hedge


Someone let me know if my brain just saw what I think it saw !! We are gonna bomb both sides ?????
If we're gonna do that, nuke the bastards !! Why not show the world what we do to people that behead and threaten America !!!!!
Just a thought ...........

Happy Humpday !!!!!!!


Burger King Teaches Statists About The Power Of The Free Market - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


I got into a "talk" with a lib yesterday, he said taxes were too low, so I asked, "then why do companies want to leave ?? He said because, " corporations want it all" and the started to babble bullshit before I could wrap my mind around how stupid that was. Today I'll ask him, if you could, wouldn't you keep all your money ?? If he says no I'm gonna call him a lying fucking prog !!!!!!!!!

Is President Obama An Agent For Islamists The Way King Edward VIII Was For The Nazis? - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Uhh, yup !!!! Its as obvious as the nose on a Muslim woman's face, oh you cant see their noses, they cover them.....