Monday, July 28, 2014

D.C. seeks to stay judge's order allowing gun owners to carry in public - Washington Times


Yup, now they beg for a stay. Their arrogance made them think they could control everything, but times change..........

The Cross At Towers Memorial Stays, Atheists Lose Court Battle..........


Its Rumpday...........


Army Shooting to Replace Beretta M9 | Gun Digest


Well, the new battle is starting, I say use the .40, it has way better stopping power then the 9mm, and not as much recoil as .45........... ;)

Sarah Palin launching online news channel | Q13 FOX News


You go Sarah, $10.00 a month for real news, sounds like a deal........

Massachusetts Didn't Learn Much From The American Revolution - Bearing Arms


Aww, poor tyrants, can't take away anyone's right to buy a rifle or shotgun, so now they complain, waaa..........

D.C. seeks stay in order striking down ban on handguns in public - Washington Times


So, now what little tyrants ?? Oh, trying for a stay ?? That figures, wouldn't want the people living in the capital of the supposed "Freedom Capital Of The World" to be able to protect themselves against becoming a victim........ ASSHOLES !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

As Libya Implodes, “Smart Diplomacy” Becoming a Punch Line - The American Interest


A job well done...........
This says "Smart Diplomacy" is a punch line, I say the whole administration is the punch line........

BREAKING: DC's Ban on Right To Carry Overturned | The Truth About Guns


Haha, fuck you commies, ppl have the right to self defense !!!!!!!!

Bikini Sunday..........


THE BOSTON BEAN PARTY: Massive Protest Against Illegals in Massachusetts #ClashDaily


Yup, I've always heard Boston was full of racisssst's and baby haters......

If You’re Against This Illegal Invasion, Then You Hate Babies and Latinos #ClashDaily


Y-all a bunch of gun lovin, bible thumpin, baby hatin mother fuckers......
Well, me too ........

George Patton’s Summer of 1944 | National Review Online


Good old George, old blood and guts, as the soldiers called him, "Our Blood, His Guts"............;)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Pair Of Kayakers Stays Amazingly Calm When a Giant Whale Takes Them For a Joy Ride | Patriot Outdoor News


This is really neat, I think I'd be a bit more nervous then these ppl seem.....

Massive Wisconsin Mayfly Swarm Caught on Radar | OutdoorHub


If you don't like bugs, or just get the willies, don't watch the video.........

NBC, CBS Allow a Scant 43 Seconds to Hero Doctor Who Shot Crazed Gunman | Media Research Center


The headline should be.......

Gun Regulations In Colorado Completely Fail Expectations : Freedom Outpost


13,600 background check's for a 3 million dollar budget, wow, another waste of taxpayer money. Does anyone really think that only 13,600 people sold PERSONAL WEAPONS to other individuals in the entire state of Colorado ?? What a fucking joke, throw money at guns, that'll stop violence like the Batman movie massacre !!! You fucking leftests look so darn intelligent again, will you idiots ever learn ???.... Wait I know the answer, don't answer........

Alabama Governor Gets Twitchy Facing Pushback To Housing Illegal Aliens… | The Last Refuge


Call them, write them, email them, but let them know........
OH, and FUCK OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!

Quote Of The Month | Western Rifle Shooters Association


A bit of Thomas Jefferson's wisdom...........

[Video] Accomplice of Female Burglar Charged With Murder After She is Killed by Home Owner


This should be on the front page of every newspaper in America, but it won't. If criminals knew they would be charged with a partners murder if they were shot in the commission of crime, some would think twice, not all, hell probably not many, but a few.......

Nearly Half Of Americans Aren’t Sure If Barack Obama Is A U.S. Citizen : Personal Liberty


Birtherism isn't so crazy anymore huh ???
Well that was just to shut up the people that were trying to bring it to everyone's attention..........

Walsh Backtracks on Blaming PTSD for Plagiarism


These fucking people disgust me, they always have something else to blame for their dishonesty, its never,  "I did it, I fucked up" its always,
"Someone or something made me do it" so sad..........

Smokin Saturday.......