Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Teenage metal detector trawling Somerset river hidden cache of 'IRA' weapons | Daily Mail Online


Now this would be exciting, at 16 years old and in the UK where guns are a no-no, but its just pieces parts....... ;)

Dangerous dog food? Lawsuit claims Beneful sickened, killed pets - CBS News

My dog loves this stuff and he shows no signs of sickness, but its going in the garbage, no chances with dog food an my pup !!!!!!

My buddy at work says he fed his dog some of this 2 weeks ago, and he was sick, so........

Flu Deaths Keep Mounting in People Vaccinated Against the Flu | The Daily Sheeple


I have never been vaccinated for the flu, I just don't trust it !!! I told my mother not to get the shot before she died, cancer, but she got the shot then the flu, then was diagnosed with terminal cancer !!!
Tell me, how could the government control who got cancer at a certain age ?? By giving shots with a cancer cell in them, I know it tinfoil hat stuff, but I think its possible.........

Here’s How You Can Help Stop the Proposed 5.56 M855 Ammo Ban


Here's a "FREE" way to tell your "Representatives" how you feel about the ATF's ban on ball ammo..........

Articles: Barack Obama has identified the enemy, and it is us


Hey, they've got a dot over my house !!!!!
Good old Ohio...... ;)

Hot Hooters Girls..........

Who'd have thunk it, I guess there are no jobs out there !!!!!!!!