Sunday, October 19, 2014

Over 30,000 on New York mental health list show rights and real dangers ignored - National gun rights | Examiner.com


New York again, hmmm, I see a pattern........

Police Dept. Requests Facebook Password From Gun Permit Applicant - Conservative Byte


So I read this and was thinking, where the hell is this ??? Then I reread it, its New York, this surprises me not a bit !! Its plenty fucked up, but these people let this shit happen to themselves over and over.......... 

The social democratic state is destroying Europe - The Commentator


OK, let me explain to the uninformed how big government works.........
Government produces nothing, nothing that the government does brings money into a country .. A countries GDP is what produces wealth of said country (what is sold abroad) government takes their money from the ppl that produce the things sold abroad.... This is why America had such a boom after WWII, many many countries had their infrastructure bombed into obligation and America wasn't touched (except Hawaii) . So the more ppl that work in government (non producers) eat up a bigger slice of the pie that civilians should have in their pockets, so what is produced in this country isn't affordable to the peoples of said country, get it now ?????
That's just a high school graduates take, I'm sure its more involved, but as a basis, this is why our country still has more people unemployed then since our last inept pResident (Carter) was in office !!! Yep another DemocRat !!!!!!!

Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority | Truth Revolt


So you believe the hype that its just a few Muzzies that want to kill Americas ??? Well take a gander at this video, Ben Shapiro crushes Ebama's myth of, the tiny fraction of radical Muzzloid's wanting our way of life changed by any means possible...............

Dianne Feinstein May Retire If GOP Takes The Senate - Downtrend


These rich pieces of shit need to be put out to pasture, if not hanging around just outside of town !!!!!!!

Obama Driving the United States Into the Ground | Wall Street Daily


All the reason to impeach this incompetent POS, or remove him by any means at our disposal...........

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why Were 100 Years Worth of Gun Registration Documents Shredded?


Hey Bloomy, put that in your pipe and smoke it !!!!!! 100 years of registration shredded, now that's a party !!!!!!!!

The Super-Creepy, Super-Dangerous Link Between Islam and Ebola - Instigator News


Oh-no, what will we do ?? They way the muzzies wash their dead before burial can cause the spread of Ebola !!! Is this something I should be worried about ????
Bwahahahaaaa, nope !!!!!!!

Girls Night Out.......

Looks like they're out looking for some real fun !!!!!!!!!!

‘OH HELL NO!’ Outrage meets Obama plan to send Natl. Guard to Liberia to fight Ebola - BizPac Review

More of the Ebama genius on display, now what about the crease in his pants ??????
WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT !!! IMPEACHMENT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! From Brackon.....

Beyond bizarre! Zombie Apocalypse manual, UPDATE 2: Obama importing Ebola sick - Washington DC Independent | Examiner.com


Not " beyond bizarre " this pResident is turning this country into a third world country, whether on purpose (my take) or through incompetence, it real and its happening !!!!
So, what do "We The People" do about it ??????

Here’s Info Justice Dept. Won’t Give Congress in Fast & Furious | Sharyl Attkisson


So, many of these weapons that Ebama and Holder let walk are still Turning up at shootings in the US and mexico, that's all, nothing to see here........

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kurdish Female Soldier Gains Internet Fame for Allegedly Killing More than 100 ISIS Jihadis


Now this is my kinda girl !!!!
Watch as the democRats call her all kinds of nasty names, because they just don't get human nature !!!!!!

Ebola ruled out as passenger dies on Nigeria flight to JFK | New York Post


So they say !! If this becomes an epidemic in this country, we owe it to the dead to arrest and put on trial all of this administration.........

A Democrat "Honor System" For Ebola Carriers, Illegals, Terrorists -- And Voters | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily


Here ya go fuck heads, the CDC still thinks the "self reporting" idea will work !!!
Your government thinks that these ppl trying to survive a deadly disease will "let you know" if they're feeling sick !!
Complete insanity !!!!!!!!!!!

AFRICA: 'BORDER CLOSURES SAVED US'...Someone Fwd This To Our Daft President | Doug Giles | #ClashDaily


As I say this again........
Hey liberals, this is what YOU put in power of my once "Greatest Country Ever Conceived" !! A coward that doesn't care how many people die, as long as his "Change" comes to pass !!!! Do you get it ?? HE DOESN'T CARE HOW MANY OF YOU FUCKING IDIOT D-RAT VOTERS DIE !!!! The fucking border of this country should be completely closed off and the airlines shouldn't be bringing anyone from the entire Continent of Africa !!!
So when you see your parents, or children die from this terrible disease, remember, YOU DID THIS TO THEM !!!
Fucking idiots !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Friday Y-All........

Have a great weekend.......... ;)