Friday, October 24, 2014

Watch: Sen. Mark Udall Botches MLK Quote: 'We Judge People By The Content Of Their Color'


Yes, he did fuck it up, its.....
We judge people by their color, not content of character in this country now, but.......
MLK said, We Should judge people not by color, BUT content of character, but the silly D-Rats don't believe that !!!!!!!!

Obama Is Funding ISIS with U.S. Tax Dollars – Here’s How He’s Getting Away with It


Ebama said he would stand with islam if it came down to it, but don't worry, we'll be in a world war soon, and these ISIL assholes will be wiped from the earth .... But the bad news is, the hope and change "Dear Leader" is bringing is hope we win WWIII, and the change ?? Your kids will be fighting Russians and Islamic assholes instead of going to college.........

James O'Keefe | Voter Fraud | Colorado | Udall | Greenpeace


I had a problem with the other story on the busted D-Rat and voter fraud, so I'll use this as a backup........ :)

Cell Phone Cameras...........

Make the world a better place, one pic at a time.........

Roger’s Rules » Dem Panic According to the New York Times


I'm surprised the didn't add, "with new racisssst voting laws taking effect" and a few more "code" words to rile up the black vote !!! Well I'll say this, Ebama has set the black population back 100 years with this worthless Traitor !!!! There'll not be another black in the whitehouse in my lifetime...... Except to visit and complain that, "they're not getting enough of what's left" after he frees the Mexican's...........

Where Are All The Right Wing Terrorists We Were Warned About? | American Glob


This administration has been praying for one, anyone on the right to try something, but we don't want war, we know what happens in war, we are just planning what to do when these asshole progs finish running this once great country into the ground......

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bikini Dreaming........

Its all over now......... ;(

Canadian Press Correspondent: Gun Control Discussion Imminent In Coming Days


Did I just read that right ?? Did this press correspondent just say they will talk about loosening gun control after said terrorist attack ?? Wow, looks like Canada has people with common sense, unlike this fucked up country, these progs have gotta go !!!!!!!!

Dear Jihadists, America has a steel spine


I say it this way, "Hey Muzzloid's, you fuck with us, we gonna fuck you up bad" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Progressives Lament Another Terror Attack with a Possible Connection to Islam


Terrorist attack ??? Not in America, it'd be workplace violence, so not only would government moneys not be played, but it could go down in the statistics as gun violence, plus King Putt could tell us more about the
" Religion Of Pieces "..........

Good Guy with a Gun Ended Terror Attack on Canadian Parliament


Well, not just any "good guy with a gun", a former Mountie, and Sargent at arms, but we'll take it......... ;)