Monday, August 3, 2015

Allen West: Navy to prosecute Chattanooga hero


Simply ridiculous, this man saved countless lives and they want to charge him !! Now if his name was Killary they Pat her on the back and say great job !!!
This country is upside down, ppl who use fraud on food stamps, try to buy a gun when they're prohibited and wipe the American people's server information, yet no one is charged !!!
I really feel for the American public !!!!!!

Watch "Kampfgruppe Peiper & the 1st SS Leibstandarte Div" on YouTube


Here's some Nazi footage during WWII, but remember, if any of you are snowflake's, it might offend you !!!!!!!

12 Most Amazing WWII Posters @ propaganda that you may have never seen...


It's Rumpday !!!!!!!!

Happy Monday, I'm playing hookie !!!!!

ILLEGAL ALIEN Teen Torches Cop Car, Points Rifle at Police, Hits Officer on Bike | John Hawkins' Right Wing News

If you point a gun at a cop, you should be shot, if you hit a cop on a bike, you should be shot !!
So what happens to all these ILLEGAL ALIENS if we shoot a few, and plaster it all over Mexico, Guatamala and every other nation that keeps sending us the criminals ?? Hell, why not put a cap on the ass of about 1000 border crossers, and print their rotting bodies lying across the desert !!! I bet that would change their minds, half of them are bringing heroin  over anyway.....
Rant over !!!!!!
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Sunday, August 2, 2015