Winter Is Coming.......

Winter Is Coming.......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ATF Approves Post-86 Machine Gun Form 1

Could it be so ?? Well not yet, but maybe..........

Bikini Tuesday.........

If I get a choice of how I can come back for my second life, I wanna body like these hottie's, I wouldn't work a day in my life !!!!!!!

America's Poor Have Never Been Deeper In Debt | Zero Hedge

Well Mr Black American, have you realized this yet ?? Or are you still blinded by your racisssst view of life ??
And many of you mother-fuckers call me the racisssst............

McQUILLAN: Lessons from Eric Garner's death and cigarette taxes - Washington Times

More bullshit political tax enforcement by the state police.......
The poor guy died over selling smokes, how fucked up is that.. ?????

Disturbing Video Out of San Diego Prompts Terror Concerns | Tea Party

This is a little creepy,
It seems like a dry run for terrorist's......

What's The Dumbest Thing You Could Say To A Congresswoman Who Lost Her Legs In Battle? Um, THIS.

Thank you Rep Duckworth, I don't give props to any Democrats, but I must say I like this woman......... ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Watch "Gun Values - a 12 shot flintlock??!?!?!! - GUNS &…" on YouTube

Gun Values - a 12 shot flintlock??!?!?!! - GUNS &…:

Y-all gotta check this out, its likely the first semi auto firearm ever produced, this is wild......... ;)

‘Don’t Tread On Me’ License Plates Grow In Popularity In Virginia, Other States - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty

Hey Mr big government representative, were coming for ya !! We're growing by the day, you assholes who have lived off the tax dole all your life are fucked, this isn't a fad, as the Japanese realized after bombing pearl harbor, when you piss of the american ppl your fucked !!!!
And you lazy pieces of shit who think it's cool to live off the backs of others, we're gonna be coming after you too, you'll be sweeping the streets to feed your 9 kids soon, mark my word, the free ride is coming to an end !!!!!!!!!!

Missouri Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto Of Bill Permitting Armed Teachers - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty

Well alright Missouri, we won't ever call you misery again !!!!!
Congratulations to the teachers who will no longer be mandated to be victims at work !!!!!!!!!
Fuck you Jay Nixon, you job as governor is probably next !!!!!!!!
Bwahahahaaaa, asshole.........

Former OU running back and Minnesota Viking star, Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse |

OK, I see some marks on the kid, so !!!!
This is a parent disciplining HIS child, I got my ass beat many times in the 70's , and now I'm a homeowner, that's been employed by the same company for over 30 years !!!!!!
This country is so fucked up on "this will injure the child when he's older" bullshit that these kids threaten to call children services every time you look at them wrong !!!!!!!
Kids are shooting kids on the streets everyday, parents are afraid to discipline there children, so what do we have. ??? A bunch of stupid young adults running the streets thinking the world is there's, oh and voting for idiots like Obama, till that bullet hits !!!
Libtardism has got to go, you never heard of any of this shit in the 40's, why ?? The kids knew better, they were taught for every action there's a reaction............... This makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lesson for the ladies........

If you don't want your man to stray, work to get your behinds looking like these ... Now most of you worked pretty hard to get your man, why not work a bit harder to get your asses to look this good ... I promise you he'll stay in bed longer, do whatever you ask and you'll basically have him wrapped around your finger........... ;-D