Friday, September 14, 2012

Predictable History, Unpredictable Past: How Progressives Killed Robert Goldstein Through Censorship, Police State Tactics, Unconstitutional Laws, & Railroading All The Way Into A Cattlecar On The Road To A Nazi Concentration Camp


Supposed clan rally

Today I was at a shop of a friend who thinks he's liberal. His son says to me' are you going to the clan rally today '? I jokingly say ' oh shit ,no one called me, damn it ' then I ask WTF was he speaking of. Well I guess Mitt Romney was somewhere in Ohio. Now I've known this kids father since I was very young and don't understand how he can say were better off with Obama than anyone else, including a ham sandwich. Well he tells me *Bari the great* is for the poor and middle class, I tend not to talk politics with these ppl because it turns into an argument , so I just say ' so I guess your better off now then four years ago '. I guess that's the perfect thing to say, because all I heard was some rambling about Bush fucking everything up, so its his fault.
I only wish ppl would listen to their own words before using them.......

More empty chairs



The more civilized the liberals try to make us, the stupider some get..........
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In her own words.........

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For Pissed

I hear my buddy pissed is under the weather, so here ya are bud, I hope it helps..........



For The Cat Lovers.... A Break From Todays Sh*t in The News.....This really neat.......;-)



My life 21 till 35.............


Look who's getting ready .......

Rule 5

Happy Friday........

Just remember

To anyone in other country's who think they can mess with the USA, remember we are all the militia. We may have a pussy in the Whitehouse but we the ppl will handle any enemy foreign or domestic.