Tuesday, March 13, 2018

On The Fix-NICS Bill

This is an awesome article on why Fix-NICS is such a bad idea, how long before anyone with conservative thinking is considered a mental defect ?
This slippery slope is not a good thing, I just hope President Trump understands this. He seems to be taking the "common sense" approach, the problem is the left doesn't think of it as common sense, it's another step closer to confiscation of all firearms.

The Podesta Question

This is one interesting Twitter thread, let's hope it comes out as fact in the long run !

Monday, March 12, 2018

Its Rumpday !

Have a great week everyone !

I Give You The Left, My Frens, Hilarious !

Dumb bitch virtue signals by cutting the barrel of a AR, now she's under investigation ! These fucking cunts (sorry ladies) just bust me up !

Gun Grabbers On A High Right Now !

I've heard that President Trump is letting the D-Rats run wild with their gun control scheme's to get us gun owners off our ass in November, but this isn't something he should be playing with.
This is how the Rats feel right now in this article........
We must never stop fighting for our rights, no matter who's President !

Great Article !

We must fight them on every law, or we'll all become outlaws !

Friday, March 9, 2018

Something To Warm Everyone Up !

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The Insanity Of Government And The Left !

So, it seems to me like 85% (just a guess it could be much higher) of the fuckers that have committed mass shootings have either been on the FBI's or the local police departments radar.
So the lefts cure for these mass shootings are more laws that seems (in my mind) as a complete failure of laws already on the books.
The only way to stop these mass shootings (like school shootings and terrorist shootings, (not Chicogostan type killings) is for government officials to,