Friday, November 16, 2012

Camel toe, for Cranky John

Since you like it so much.........;D

Random hottness

Hiswiserangel ........

Daily Job Cuts - Layoff News , Job Layoffs 2012 / 2011 , Bankruptcy, Store closings, Business Economy News.......From what I understand Hostess is done, 18,000 jobs lost worldwide, thanks Bari........;(



I just wanted to thank you for showing me the ways of blogging. You were an inspiration for me. I know the loss of your pop was hard, its gonna be hard for a while, but remember,  take care of mom first, she's a lot more lost without him then you. So get out there shoot some shit up, but remember you have a family here too. A lot of ppl are gonna miss your daily rants and weekly MILFS. I think pissed and boilerdoc and a few others will pick up the slack, but there's only one wirecutter.
Take care, and stay tough, I hope to see you back amongst us very soon........