Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Doug Ross @ Journal: Are there still Republicans in Congress? Is someone going to ask why DHS needs 2,700 armored vehicles and billions of rounds of ammo?


Spot on.........


  1. The same Republicans who voted for NDAA, who are not challenging Obama's cybersecurity directive, who vowed to fight Obamacare but are now supporting its imposition?

    Congress has become the Supreme Soviet.

  2. Could it be they are all in it together? Remember who brought us the Patriot Act.

    1. Not only the Patriot Act but also DHS, TSA, gun confiscation during Katrina. Under the first Bush was Ruby Ridge and the infamous "New World Order under a powerful United Nations" speech.

      Obamacare and Romneycare had their origins in 1994 from The Heritage Foundation's concept for healthcare reform.

      Yes I would say they are in it together.


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