Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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The Truth About GunsExploiting the Gun Show Loophole. Or Not. » The Truth About Guns


Yep, about the size of it, unless you want a 50 year old shotgun that needs to be rebuilt to fire, then you just might be able to get it without one of the background checks, but it's doubtful.......

"The Lid": Obama's Omerta! Benghazi Whistle Blowers Being Threatened By Administration


You'd have thought Obama and his crew would have pushed this under the rug by now................

Congresswoman's Round-the-World Trip Cost Taxpayers $23K | Political MoneyLine Blog

Another waste of oxygen,  I'm starting to see a pattern here, DemocRat, big city, female,  does anyone else notice something about these representatives that I haven't noticed? ?????

"The Lid": CLIMATE IDIOCY! Congressional Dems Says Climate Change Driving Women Into Prostitution


How do these idiots get elected, do they see which ppl look best in a pantsuit and put the on the ballot?  There needs to be some kind of IQ test for anyone running for an office, its pure idiocy that a modern country cannot find ppl with at least half a brain to be representatives of the ppl...........

Federal Agencies Ammunition Purchases May Be Limited Under New Bill


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Its rumpday .....


Rule 5 .......Sunday edition


The Black SphereStop the NRA Protest in DC Is a Bust!

Bwahahahaaaaa,  surprised they didn't just import all the gun grabbing idiots from Washington,  that would have added a couple thousand .............;-D........H/T....What Bubba Knows.....

The Collapsing of the American Skull | National Review Online


This stupid fuck who wrote the article for the NYT, should be left in a muzzloid country for a year, if he lives and makes it back to the US maybe he can REFLECT on how fucked up these ppl really are, we cant help these ppl assimilate into our country and except our values,  the mosque they will attend when the get here preaches to hate the very ppl who excepted them into our country. We have freedom of religion, fine, but if these 7th century fucks come to America and preach hate, they should be sent right the fuck back where they came from. The muzzies  should be able to practice any religion they want, but if hate speech starts, close the mosque, and send the imam packing. We cannot afford to let these ppl dictate what we should do to help them assimilate,  they are the ones who should be working to fit in to OUR country...........
But I'm no professor,  so what the fuck do I know......

DHS training video depicts gun owners as 'militia members' planning terrorism - National Government | Examiner.com


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