Saturday, August 31, 2013

Smoking hot holiday weekend......

Doing lots of work on the house so this is probably the only ladies for the evening, hay y'all thanks for your patience my friends, I'll be back to normal as soon as God let's me..........

Harvard Study Finds Violent Crime Rises As Gun Ownership Falls : Personal Liberty™


Uhhhh, no shit sherlock, they want to disarm us to control us, not protect us. Fucking Harvard, wonder what that cost us taxpayers???..........:-0

Is Obama Trying To Purposely Start World War III? : Personal Liberty™


If Putin an gets pissed enough, he might beat Bari's ass at that summit next month, unfuckingbelievable, never thought this country would elect a pussy as a pResident.......

The War of Obama’s Ego | RedState


We ,in no way shape or form, shouldn't get involved in this bullshit, we still dont know who blew off the chemical weapons!!!!!!  This is Jarret calling the shots for her families "muzzloid brotherhood".............>:-/

Our Amateur President and His Ego-Driven War - Ransom Notes Radio


Amateur? As much golf as he plays he should be a pro by now,......... Oh, this was about being pResident.....;-D