Saturday, November 30, 2013

Buying Guns On Black Friday Becomes Tradition Under Obama | Patriot Outdoor News


I almost grad
Drd o rifle , does that count???

Obama Tells Entertainment Industry Not to Glorify Gun Violence - Nicole Bailey

Ya, right, the movie industry is going to listen to some idiot who has never held a job.......

Doug Ross @ Journal: CHARTS - ALL 50 STATES ARE MORE CONSERVATIVE THAN EVER: Race-, Gender-, Ethnicity-panderers hardest hit


Ruh-Row, looks like the D-Rats are in for a rude awakening.........     ;-D

Doug Ross @ Journal: DON'T LET THEM CHANGE THE SUBJECT: Seven Lies and Seven Liars of Obamacare


Let them have it Herman, the ruined your good name,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug Ross @ Journal: THE DUPLICITOUS CHRIS CHRISTIE: Man Who Refused to Oppose Obamacare Now Says It Was ‘A Train Wreck Anybody Could’ve Seen Coming’


Another political asshole who can't seem too see things till it hits him square in the mouth..