Sunday, December 22, 2013

ObamaCare’s New Year’s Day Surprise: Deep Cuts to Medicare - AMAC, Inc.


These mother fucking assholes in Washington need a good old American ass kicking _!!! These people fucknut is putting out of business are the same people who helped me with my mother in August. Those people are saints, anyone who could come into people's lives to watch there family members die are just great people, unlike the dog shit in the Whitehouse....
Fuck you Obama..............


  1. hopefully every child of a person thrown out of a care home due to these cuts will get on the street and scream at their federal rep until someone starts to do something, aka impeach the fake president.

    1. The impeachment won't start till the republican's take the senate back, so look at next year this time, because that's when things will be heating up....


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