Friday, January 31, 2014

Teach Kids To Handle -- Not Fear -- Firearms : Personal Liberty(tm)


Good article, but I will point out, that not all kids should be taught to handle guns at a young age, I was about 11, and loved every second of it, but now kids who are on drugs from an early age shouldn't be taught until they are mentally capable to tell difference between reality and Hollywood. When a trigger is pulled, you don't get another life, like the games people let their kids play.........

Gun Owners Foundation


These people are busy, take a look, see if you can help.......

Liberty's Torch: Political Auto-Da-Fe


Excellent post !!!!!! Now what will we do about it ???????
Thanks to Mr Porretto.......;)

BRUCE: Is the GOP deliberately trying to sabotage the 2014 midterms? - Washington Times


In a nutshell....
The American people are tired of.....
A pResident that lies to them...
D-Rats that cover for him....
And Republican's that do nothing about it..........

The Daily Smug: On the Verge of World War 3 and Economic Collapse--the Soon Coming Birth Pangs of the Great Fall Are SO CLOSE! (Video)


Its coming....... Who's ready ??????

Smokin Friday........


Holder Can't Answer Mike Lee's Question: Where Does The President's Authority To Act Unilaterally Come From? : Personal Liberty(tm)

So in other words, Holder doesn't know where King Putts power comes from !!! Inept lawless and down right criminal !!!!!!

Gallup: Americans Want Less Strict Gun Control : Personal Liberty(tm)


So the majority wants less strict gun laws, so what do D-Rats do ? Push for more strict gun laws !! Who do these assholes really want to help ??????

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not That's Cold.......


The Daily Smug: Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith called Barack Obama a Communist and a Muslim traitor. He dropped a Koran on the ground.


I know it, you know it, but WHEN THE FUCK WILL THE REST OF AMERICA know it ??? When he takes THEIR guns ?????

NOTE TO BAD GUYS: New 'R.I.P' Bullet Promises to 'Take Out all Vital Organs' | Clash Daily


Gotta get me some of these, I wonder, do they make them in .223. ?????   ;-)

Red Hot Reds........


Small Businesses Don't Add Jobs Because Government Makes Doing So Stupid. | RedState


This is the IRS at work, read it and think about all the Obamacare fines coming down the pike, we are so FUCKED........

Ha! Aero Precision is Now Producing "Ghost Gun" Lower in Honor of Clueless California Lawmaker


This is how you fight back, laugh in their faces..........

It's Established Law : Personal Liberty(tm)


Come and take em..........

American Intelligence Officials Say Snowden Leaks Will Kill Americans : Personal Liberty(tm)


To bad he couldn't find that danged birth certificate........

Obama's State Of The Union: Lies And Theft : Personal Liberty(tm)


I got one word....... Typical.......

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama promises more gun control.....


He really is trying.......
He's making it harder for parents to get kids to the doctors who are subscribing these mind altering drugs that makes these kids kill in places like Sandy Hook, so yep he is helping with obamacare..........

Schumer Suggests 'Electoral Reform' As Way to 'Lessen the Grip of the Tea Party' | CNS News Mobile


How about stop spying on us, stop sending of our money to countries that have trillions of barrels of oil and quit lying to us, now that might tame the TEA party, you piece of shit !!!!!!!!!

Smokin Hot......