Friday, January 24, 2014

Fukushima Radiation More Than 10 Times The Normal Level Is Detected On California Beaches | The Daily Sheeple


Believe it or not, the people of Kalifornia are in for some major cancer outbreaks in the next 10 to 20 years........... 


  1. 10x normal background isn't that much.

    If you live very near granite outcrops you're likely getting as much as coastal California is now.

    Related: Nuke plant workers are regularly exposed to higher levels than CA is seeing and have some of the lowest incidences of cancer of any occupation.

    1. But that's in Kalifornia, can u imagine what Japan is like? 1000 × more..

    2. A huge clue that a report of something like this being bullshit is to notice that no units are mentioned. "10x times normal" doesn't define normal or what the present rate is; nor does 1000x. http://xkcd.com/radiation/

    3. Radiation at Fukishima 100 picosievert.
      Normal background radiation 40 picosievert.

      California is NOT getting 400 picosievert a day.

      What they are finding is byproducts of radiation; and again defining it as a percentage of "normal" rather than giving values or when giving values not defining the harm.

      This kind of reporting really pisses me off, it's right up there with the harm done by lead from a shooting range. Elemental lead is harmless.

      Or talking about finding arsenic in a children's playground in Florida. It's part of the dirt around here and it's not really in harmful quantities; you'd have to eat a LOT of dirt to catch a dose that would make you sick let alone die (even for a child).

    4. Angus
      I really don't understand all the bs they spew out, but I do know that all that radiated water that they keep pumping into the ocean isn't good. Look how, since we started blowing up nukes, the cancer rate in America has doubled, if not more. Its dangerous and they really don't know how to stop it without causing a major meltdown. I just find it scary to be living on the left coast.......
      Oh, and I picked up a Winchester model 94 30/30, from the early 50's. Its got nice patina and is really cool........ ;)

  2. Oh no! That might make the people in Kalifornia weird.


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