Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Guy Brought a Confederate Flag to Atlanta's March for Life and the Associated Press Really Wants You to Know It


One confederate flag, three pictures of the said flag, does anyone think the msm is just a little bias???????


  1. Replies
    1. Pathetic. It's getting old just like "it's racism!":)

  2. Whats the big deal? I have a confederate flag as my wallpaper at work. If people are offended fuck em. I am not racist. I never owned a slave. Although I have boned a black chick or two in my day. Does that me me racist or not racist? Neither, just a horn dog. I am actually half Hispanic myself, and if I had been at the Alamo I would have been on the Texans side. not because I hate my fellow beaners, but because I love FREEDOM bitches. Anyway, hoisting a cold one to you Mike, wish I had peeps like you around here.

    1. Exactly, I've got a Nazi flag in my gun room, but that doesn't mean I hate Jews. Its all blown way out of proportion..,......


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