Thursday, February 27, 2014

DESPP Letter | CCDL Blog


Letter to gun owner a fake ???
Read here !!!!!!
Thanks to phinster2076 for the bump .....;)
Now what am I gonna do with all this beer I bought ???????? ;)

CT Begins Sending Out Letters to Gun Owners - "Surrender, Destroy or Sell Your 'Assault Weapons'"


Send the letter back with the words.....
COME AND TAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EXPOSED: Obama and Chris Christie Were Childhood Friends | Clash Daily


Bwahahahaaaa !!!!!!!!!

6 people lose food stamps due to overspending during outage - FOX 8 WVUE New Orleans News, Weather, Sports


So, their looking at 500 of 12,000 cases of fraud, a little low if you ask me !!!!!!

Eric Holder hospitalized with shortness of breath, faintness - Washington Times


Its called karma, bitch !!!!!!!!

F-Troop can't keep up with guns in this country, either


Now this is just plain ridiculous, how can these people that the government keeps telling us is so highly trained and best qualified to carry weapons in the US just lose one, I've never lost one and have one with me 99℅ of the time, unless I'm not allowed to take it somewheres even though the constitution guarantee's me that RIGHT, not privilege. So tell me, why are ANY weapons being lost ? Simply ridiculous...........

Good News: Illinois Hired Convicted Terrorist as Obamacare Navigator - Guy Benson


So the government is so short on employable people, with the highest unemployment since the great depression, its moved to hiring terrorist's. Hmmm, you think its a plan to hire all this trash ??????

Astonishing haul of 16 firearms and 1,500 rounds of ammunition seized by police. The British are very astonishable..........


Coming to a country near you ???????

Vigilantes With A Badge: The War Against The American People | The Daily Sheeple


Coming to a street near you !!!?????

Teenager And Mother Dispute Ends With Father Killed In Police Custody : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom


Now we know what the family member targets were really for, to normalize the overreaction of the once proud police force...........

Are 9 Dead Bankers A Sign Of Pending Economic Collapse? : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom


I was saying this when it was a couple dead bankers, now there's 13 total, and an economic writer... The wind is blowing in something bad........

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American Rifleman Mobile


Micro stamping on auto's on Kalifornia ?? Just sell wheel guns.......

Jihadi Work Accident: Four Taliban Suicide Bombers Killed When One of Their Bombs Detonates Prematurely... | I'm a Man! I'm 41!


Sounds to me like they've got the wrong guy assembling these bombs, that five in about a week, we need to get OSHA in on this stat..........;-)

Connecticut sends out the first confiscation letters | GunsSaveLife.com


Looks like this is where it will start.....
I was hoping these so called elitists would realize what they're up against, but I'm afraid its too late.........

COME AND TAKE, motherfuckers !!!!!!!

Another "Successful Banker" Found Dead | Zero Hedge


Something's up with all these ppl.......

Minnesota Police Don't Like Being Treated Like Normal Citizens and Are Suing The NFL Over Their Gun Policy


Hmm, ain't it a bitch not to be special ? Wait till the shooting starts.........

Supreme Court Strikes Blow To 4th Amendment With Homeowner Consent Ruling : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom


No, that's what you say when they ask, No Fuckin Way are you to enter my house !!!!!!!!!

New NSA Docs Confirm Long-Held Blogger Fears: There Are Government Trolls Among Us : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom


Yup, we bloggers know as much as the average person, we just talk about it..,............

Survey Says : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom

Funny satire on the Brady Campaign Against Guns propaganda letter.........

The World's Leader In Disinformation : Personal Liberty - Conservative News and Political Commentary For Your Personal and Financial Freedom


Thanks Ted, but half of America already knows that............