Monday, March 31, 2014

Montana ammo casing processor raid recalls warnings of anti-gun agenda at OSHA - National gun rights | Examiner.com


Can anyone really tell me truthfully that they believe we don't live in a police state at the least, an ism at the most ????
You know communism, Nazism...ect

The Communist States of America - Matt Barber


Wow, this really hammers the point of libtard commies coming to a town near you..........

German Journalist Triggers Death Threats Against American Hunter

Now this really pisses me off, this Nazi cunt should get some of her own medicine, any of my German readers know her address ??? Phone # ? An eye for an eye huh ? How about if we got the American military to take out everyone in this cunt's family, just because uncle Wolfgang worked near a concentration camp ?? Fuck you you Nazi CUNT !!!!!!!!
I just looked it up, my third most hits is from my grandmother's homeland, Germany, can any of the 23,174 Germans who have visited me, or visit me regularly, get me at least a phone number of this cunt's work, just to get a few Americans to drop her a line ? If you want to fuck with the kids of Americans, we should fuck with her !!!!!!!! Here's her ugly mug again !!!!

5.45×39 Steel Core Ammunition Importation "Ban"


I trust Bob Owens more than just about any source on guns, so of he says don't panic, I won't !!!!!!!!

daily timewaster: More useful info


Great stuff........ ;)

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN - Video | I'm a Man! I'm 41!


Bwahahahaaaa, I knew it, I knew it, I knew it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Blazing Cat Fur: The Race-Hacks Defend Their Industry


Without racism, they have no jobs.......

Its Rumpday..........


How Do You Deny Saying Something When It's On Video? Ask Harry Reid - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Hopefully, the more pressure people put on old Crazy Harry, the more he lies and stumbles, the paper king 's main weapon is due for a fall........

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Leland Yee, the Kochs, and the Press | National Review Online


I'd like to know how the reputation got the way it is for the Koch brothers.....

Obamacare exchange sends couple voter registration form pre-marked as Democrat - Liberty Unyielding


Well it is Kalifornia..........

AMAZING AMERICA: Sarah Palin's New TV Show's Theme Song Kicks Ass | Clash Daily


Its pretty good, plus I got to post my girl Sarah's picture again......... ;)

What oversight? Iowa won't track welfare card use « Watchdog.org


There's people at work that don't believe me when I say people can use government money for gambling cigarettes and booze, the uninformed public...........

Obamacare is a fitting noose around Democrats' necks, and I volunteer to throw the lever !!!!!!


Democrat Crime Wave Sweeps America | Conservative Byte


Hmmm, all D-Rats, I think I'm seeing a pattern......

Smokin Sunday........


More districts defying Michelle Obama, ditching her lunch menu - EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc.

Another school district dumps the hag's menu !!! It sounds like the district is going with the capitalistic way of serving lunches !! Attaboy goes out to these districts that found that the establishment knows less, not more, then the kids......... ;) themselves.........

Just thought of something, I wonder if these school districts will now skip the, "every child must attend" day ?? In Ohio schools the district almost demands every child attend on federal head count day, so they can get every nickle they can from the feds..........

Doug Ross @ Journal: OH, NOES: Thanks to global warming, the Commonwealth of Kentucky will be beachfront property


So if global warming is man made, how would the waters be going back to where they were originally ????
There were no factories or chemical's that the left blames for "mam made CO2" a million years ago..........

Reid Misuse Of Campaign Funds Twice 1st Report | Sweetness & Light


One would hope that this asshole would be next on the FBI wish list.....

MILLER: Mark Witaschek surrenders to D.C. police 'Gun Offenders Registry' - Washington Times


This poor guy !!! He's getting hosed so badly its ridiculous. Having a piece of lead is a crime ?? WTF ??? I'd probably be in jail for 30 years if my safe was in DC !!! Unfuckingbelievable