Monday, March 31, 2014

German Journalist Triggers Death Threats Against American Hunter

Now this really pisses me off, this Nazi cunt should get some of her own medicine, any of my German readers know her address ??? Phone # ? An eye for an eye huh ? How about if we got the American military to take out everyone in this cunt's family, just because uncle Wolfgang worked near a concentration camp ?? Fuck you you Nazi CUNT !!!!!!!!
I just looked it up, my third most hits is from my grandmother's homeland, Germany, can any of the 23,174 Germans who have visited me, or visit me regularly, get me at least a phone number of this cunt's work, just to get a few Americans to drop her a line ? If you want to fuck with the kids of Americans, we should fuck with her !!!!!!!! Here's her ugly mug again !!!!

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