Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trayvon Martin's parents join Obama for launch of minority initiative - Washington Times


Yes Dear Leader, show your true racisssst colors, hang with gang members, and help them and only them with your racisssst policies.......
Wish I had more time to say how I really feel, but off to work to pay for middle aged minority's lottery tickets, yes cardboard crack.......


  1. He needs to walk into a very big bullet! Fuck that racist traitor!

    FUCK OBAMA!!!!

  2. I still can't figure out how the trayvon martin case became a part of the race wars in this country. According to George Lopez. Hispanics did not have many rights, and Zimmerman was not white, yet here it is, another bait and switch that leaves those who actually think in society scratching our heads, wondering why so few missed it. The white man in this case? Could it be Lady Justice? I am so confused, and although I understand the agenda behind those promoting this case, I wonder why more have not stood up and stood their ground and shut this campaign down? Will someone please educate me on what role the Hispanic man has played on the sufferings of the black community throughout history or has this just begun? Does the Hispanic man now get to play the political role of a white man?


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)