Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Free North Carolina: Armed guards surround Bundy, supporters fear imminent threat


Bari and his band of criminals had better wake the fuck up, cause there's way more of us then of them, and besides, most of them are pussies anyway !!!!!!!!!!!
Bwahahahaaaa !!!!!!!!  ;-D


  1. Are you kidding yourself Mike? LOOK at that photo. A 400 yard MAX range carbine. No spare ammo, no water, and NO HAT in the driest and hottest place in North America. A pregnant woman with a three year old Same-Same Hat&water No Armor , NO SECURITY , and by now at least 10% of the "patriots" in that crowd are armed FBI HRT. WHEN the FBI shows up to end this, the first "patriot" to touch his trigger dies, along with 40-50 more in the first 30 seconds, and that's BEFORE the 20-30 feds with .300 WIN MAG M-24's open up.(killing 50-60 more) This was over the moment we went VICTORY and started the cookout. It don't matter how many we are if we're stupid, and this whole C.F. has been a freak show of stupid. The "freefor" has no planning , no preparation, No organization and no clue how little "the moral high ground" counts in a fire fight. --Ray

    1. What do you suggest? All I hear is look at this, look at that! Instead of we should do this. Its always easy to look at one picture and pick out negatives!! At least they got of their fucking ass and took a stand!

  2. Ray,
    The point is the bastards backed off, that's a victory in its self, if the feds fire, there's a whole lot more of us on the way, and this time we head to different spots all over the us, starting with DC....... Hope Bari's on vacation, it could get messy........

  3. No they DIDN'T "back off" They fell back. Got the FBI-HRT death squad (You know ,the guys from Ruby Ridge and Waco)and waited for the sheep to mill around bleating We WOOOOOOON. Now that place is crawling with FBI under covers (armed) and snipers. They'll wait a few days and ether quietly arrest the "leaders" or just kill a shit load of really stupid people who think this is a camp out. There ARE some who are just hard core enough to get a crapton of women and kids killed in a stupid and unplanned "resistance". THAT's why I say 50-100 dead within seconds Look at this from the standpoint of the FBI- We said the same shit about revolution and armed resistance before during and after Waco --And did nothing. They will treat this the same way; IE ; Take out the "leaders" kill some women and kids to make examples. Then listen to us bitch. We have NO credibility Mike -THEY DON'T BELIEVE WE'LL FIGHT, and so they WILL attack . The "reality TV" atmosphere , and lack of any preparation coupled with the VERY stupid "we won so fuck you fed" mindset no on display , makes this action by the FBI inevitable. The FED's ALWAYS WIN and they don't care who or how many they have to kill to do it.---Ray

  4. Tactically the Feds had all the advantage. This is true. We can never win in a face to face violent confrontation. If it ever does come to shooting, the only chance true patriots have is a dirty guerrilla war. Where the patriots did win was in the battle for hearts and minds. If the Feds had opened fire, they could have wiped everyone out. The world was watching and the Feds do not want to make martyrs. Besides, they are cowards, they will strike in the middle of the night when no one is watching. They knew if they opened fire they would have won the day, but the shit storm they would have started would just be beginning. Patriots won this round, but the fight is just starting.

  5. I think there's a different mentality in this country right now, if one idiot from the feds pulled the trigger, its on. "We The Mother Fuckin People" have had enough ! If this was the 90's they never would have backed off.....


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