Saturday, May 31, 2014

SWAT team throw stun grenade into baby's CRIB during drugs raid leaving him in coma | Mail Online


Disgusting, out of hand LEO !! Are we hearing about this daily because its gotten worse, or because we now have the means to hear about it ??
The law enforcement crew need to be held accountable, no if ands or buts.

DEACE: Days of future past — why Detroit’s present could be America's future - Washington Times


Ah Detroit, once a vibrant city with millions of middle class people, now sits on the edge of a Chinese take over, the liberal Utopia that wasn't.
In this article I learned that the beautiful city has the fifth highest gasoline tax in the US, I guess you have to pay for such niceties as potholed roads, robberies and general filth. I was there back in the eighties, and that's what sticks out in my mind, a very dirty city, and that was 30 years ago, so sad.......................

Jay Carney resigns as White House press secretary - Washington Times


I wonder why it took so long, does he see the fall of Obama from his seat at the podium ?? The lies have been getting worse, and even the "reporters" that carry every drop of water for this regime can't keep covering everything up. The heat in the press room has been on the rise, and we know rats abandon a sinking ship rather quickly, is that what this is ???????

House votes to defund DOJ program that snagged legitimate gun dealers, businesses - Washington Times


I don't understand how the D-Rats don't see how this kind of political bullshit against legitimate businesses won't turn around and bite their idiots in the ass when the power structure changes, and it always does...........

Boehner corrects Hillary: Benghazi panel about 'one issue only' — the truth - Washington Times


Ah yes, Killary wants this all to go away, hell the witch even had a super secret meeting with "The One" to find out how much can remain covered up.
I have news for ya Killary, IT MATTERS ALL THE TIME !!!!!
I pray that the D-Rats designated hitman "Cummings" can't side track anything about the Who, what, and why of this whole thing, Cris Stevens and three other American's deserve the truth to come out, hopefully ending the supposed "Clinton Dynasty".............

Supreme Court Upholds Police Shooting After High-Speed Car Chase : Personal Liberty


Well was there any question whether they would rule in favor of the LEO ??
Nest they'll be shooting people who get into bad accidents while fleeing, gotta make sure, don't ya know !!!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eric Shinseki is out! Obama sacks Veterans Affairs secretary - Washington Times


For the first time in this regime's history, someone who was overseeing a scandal ridden department has paid with their job !!!!!
Wow, must be really getting hot in DC.............

Eyewitnesses: Two Shooters Involved in UCSB Massacre | Memory Hole

First I've heard this, why is it that every crime like this has many different scenario's ?? It didn't seem like it was this bad when I was young......
Stole from Brock......... ;)

Free North Carolina: NC: Build Your Own AK


This looks neat, I've never put a AK together, kinda steep, but cool !!!!
Maybe I should do a "assemble an AR" class together, lord knows I've built enough of them..........

State Department Official Claims Obama Should Get More Credit For Foreign Policy, Journalists Think It’s A Joke - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


That's the problem, just like with Hitler, everyone around "Dear Leader" is so blind, they actually think he is doing a great job. Wow, talk about hiring all yes "men" !!!!!!!!

Local Government Attempts To Punish Illinois Woman For Something She Said On Facebook - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Watch yourselves ppl !! Don't go on your Facebook page and say you got hammered the night before and can't remember which way you drove home, you might end up in jail with a driving under the influence citation !!!

Obama Considered Deploying Military On Bundy Ranch - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Well, he should have then !! Let's get the party started then !! If the POS thinks they would fight for him, and that's what it would been, he should have gotten the revolution started......

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Listen Up: People, Not Guns, Guilty of Gun Violence

I'm not so sure about this article, I think my cats and guns are in cahoots to kill me !! I can tell by the way they look at each other !! ;-D
You tell me !!!

ISTOOK: Our homicide rate is lowest since 1963, so somebody please tell the media! - Washington Times


Why bother telling the gun bigots, it isn't about any murder rate !!! Its about people control !!!!!!!

After Tragedy, Dems Consider Gun Control In Spending Bill - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Unfortunately, stupid still has its hold on D-Rats..........

Thursday Hotness........


Video: Obama Earns Icy Reception At West Point


Here's a couple video's of President Bush, and pResident Obama, it shows the difference between a President with a misguided agenda compared to a plain old lying POS pResident !!!!!!

Heh !!!!!!!

Poor Kenny......
Stole from the Outrider........ ;)

Are Americans Ready For A Revolution? - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Well, I don't see it NOT happening, unless we take a hard right and get the ship straightened out........

EXCLUSIVE: Census Data Reveals State of Democrat Party – The Party of Broke People | I'm a Man! I'm 41!


Only in America !!
These "representative's" are the party of the rich, yet their narrative is party of the working stiff, you can only get away with this when the media is covering for you...........

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DOJ Will Inventory Bureaucratic Firepower : Personal Liberty


Its about time, and I bet its a huge amount of expansion...........

Refuting the Lies of Gun-Control Liberals | Patriot Update


Wow, I never knew there was so many felonies connected to using a gun in a crime, but then why is that ?? Because, half the laws already on the books ARE NEVER ENFORCED !!!!!!!!!!!

Lawsuits likely outcome of Isla Vista ‘day of retribution’ killings - National gun rights | Examiner.com


Yes, Yes, use a lawsuit to punish someone for this horrendous crime, but instead of the usual suspects how about a lawsuit against the state of Kalifornia !!!
File on behalf of the entire population not being able to carry weapons to protect themselves !! What if just one of the first victims had been carrying a handgun for self defense ?? What if they all could carry without the governmental regulations that make 99.9% of Kalifornia defenseless against these kinds of heinous crimes ???
I'd bet this kind of thing might not happen, I bet that if is was a shall issue or better yet constitutional carry state this would never happen !!

No matter how much bullshit the elitists feed you about it being safer to be unarmed, that's all it is BULLSHIT !! Bullshit that one day may cost you, or a member of your family, to die needlessly !!!!!!!!!

“He Wasn't No Thief.” And Yet, He Died Attempting A Carjacking. - Bearing Arms


Another alter boy is shot attempting a carjacking, how do these innocent children get into these things ?????

FOURTH CHEMICAL BOMB Goes Off at DC Area Theater (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

Funny, I don't see people getting on their soapbox saying we need more restrictions on bottles or bombs......

Michelle Obama urges high schoolers to monitor their families' politically incorrect thoughts | The Daily Sheeple


That beast doesn't look like Eva Braun, but it sure sounds like Nazi propaganda, 30's Germany, well at least they waited till 99% of the people who fought to end Nazism die in peace........

Happy Humpday...........


The Daily Smug: Must See TV: Story Behind The Story; Demand For Obama DNA Test; Clinton Had To


I say, "What can it hurt" to know if the U.S. pResident is who he says he is......