Thursday, May 22, 2014

2 Gun: FG42 vs BAR (Video) « Forgotten Weapons


Want both, can't afford either...... :(


  1. Silly gun fad bullshit! The FG -42 was an utter failure in combat, An impossible to clean properly, "spray and pray" jam-o-matic". That was uncontrollable on full auto. Seems that if the Nazis did it it's first GEN. tacticool. Hell ANYTHING with a castarated barrel and a dildo to hang onto is automaticly tacticool. Even if it is(or was) a complete POS (pardon the grammer and spelling I'm pre coffee)

    1. Not a problem, I'm on about half a gallon of coffee about now.....
      I just love the looks of the FG-42, and it would probably be the last gun I'd use in combat, the AR 15 is a remarkable piece of machinery for that........ ;)

    2. I would totally use an FG42 in combat. They will hold their own with almost anything on the market despite being a 1940s design (of course, the AR is a 1950s design...). Not sure what the problem is with cleaning it is - pretty simple to disassemble.

    3. Well I've never shot one, hell its one of the few that I haven't held, let alone owned at one time or another, so I can't say, I think its a neat design and the Germans didn't build junk till the end of the war.........


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