Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Great Time To Buy A Machine Gun? Lawyer Claims ATF Accidentally Approved Manufacture of New MGs For Trusts - Bearing Arms


Oh, oh, oh, can anyone tell me how I can be classified a trust ?? I want an MP-40 or a STG-44 something fierce.......


  1. I would imagine it varies from state to state, but I've got a friend who is an attorney. He did the trust thing a while back as the sheriff of his county doesn't "sign off" on NFA acquisitions. The trust did simplify that part and then BATFE decided they were going to make members of the trust go through background checks, fingerprinting, and CLEO sign off. I understand this is still pending, but haven't heard if it is final or not. Anyhow, I set up a trust for my son, simply by using my buddy's trust as a pattern for my son. In Alabama it is fairly simple. There is nothing to file. In many ways it offers more protection than an LLC. I saw this the other day on Gearhog.com and have seen similar ads offering to set up trusts in the $100 range. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks, now to find a cheap MP-40....... ;)

    2. They are not as high as they were back say seven years ago before the economy began to tank. I bought mine back in 1995 and paid $2.000.00. I found one (tube gun) in South
      Carolina for $9,000, It came with seven mags, a set of pouches, an original loader, and a blank adapter (that is app. a $1,000.00 worth of accessories). The BATFE is so backed up it took almost ten months for the transfer to clear. Since then they offer electronic filing that can clear in 60-90 days. I saw a mis-matched C&R gun for $9,500.00 not too long ago. Keep checking GunBroker.com one will pop up eventually. A collector in MS had one for sale for $8,500.00 about a month ago.

    3. Hell, I get in enough trouble with my bump stock and tanninite........
      I know, I spelled it wrong........;)


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