Thursday, May 15, 2014

ALLEN WEST KICKS ASS: 'Sam's gay kiss was brave? Villanueva has a Bronze Star, now THAT'S brave.' | Clash Daily


I'd bet that 99% of American's would rather hear the story of a former ranger with a bronze star over a fag who kissed his boyfriend on TV, this is how ridiculous this country has become. If it isn't end times, it should be..........


  1. Can't ruin the country, Mike, if they celebrate what makes this Nation great.

    Whitehall, NY

    1. In a biblical sense, this country is headed downhill very quickly, if you study history even when the Roman's went overboard on the excesses of the flesh, the empire fell into ruins, that's what we, and Putin is seeing.
      He who doesn't study, or forgets history is doomed to repeat it......
      Don't worry folks, I'm now gonna go all holy roller on ya, but the things I see today in America, are some of the same things I read about in history books, and the bible............


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)