Saturday, May 24, 2014

Had A Bit Of A Scare............

As I pulled out my mail yesterday, I saw this first, I said, Oh Shit, my blog done pissed off the wrong asshole in DC !!!!
A little background......
There is someone that lives in the same city as me, with the same name, except his middle name is different. It was cool in high school, because we could bail each other out by blaming the other guy, it happened more than a few times. Now I'm not sure if he's a felon, but he was a bit crazier than me and that's saying something, when we were young so its possible.
He was a good guy though, so let's not get that wrong, we were friends. The weirdest thing was he was a diehard Ford guy, me a diehard Mopar guy........
So, back to the letter......
Whenever I try to buy a new gun I get held up by as little as 24 hours or once it was eight days. Well the last time I bought a new toy, I told the salesperson that it would be held up for a day or so. So this guy liking someone who comes in more than a few times a month to buy his old cheap junk ( so he thinks, bwahahahaaaa ) tells me about this program the feds have, sorry can't remember the alphabet name, that you get fingerprinted and you give the background people your info, and you can walk out that day with your new purchase.
So last week I took the plunge, then promptly forgot all about it. I called the feds and ASKED them if I could tell them all about me, so they would let me have my toy the day I bought it.
So, this was the letter that I got, now I have to go to the local police department, where I spent some of my youth, and get finger printed, fill out some other info, and I'll be good to go.........


  1. Don't feel bad. I have some idiot in my town with the exact same name and close birthday. However he is a sex offender. (Thanks asshole) more than once the cops showed up on my door wanting to know who kicked my ass! I usually just said, "do I look like I got my ass kicked" cops say what happened to your knuckles..... Nevermind that, different story. I don't fight to lose :)

    1. You're nuts !!!!!
      But yes it does kinda suck, when I was buying out my sister on my house the banker said I was late on taxes too, but it was the other guy......

  2. I'm only nuts in a good way though. That's counts for something


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