Sunday, May 11, 2014

“Let Your People Have Guns to Defend Themselves” a letter to the Nigerian government, from the people in Nigeria..,...


This is what you fucking assholes voted for, the complete disarmament of the population.

This story tell what happens when the population is disarmed. So if you stupid assed mother-fuckers think that AMERICA will be so great, that people will go out of there way, just to say hi, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM !!!!!!!
Human nature hasn't changed, as witnessed by the Russian invading country around them, so no matter how you idiots FEEL about things, it doesn't make them right.
If you gun-grabbing dumbfucks think that the day after you enact your 'feel good' gun confiscation law, the crime rate in this once great country wont double, then within a few short years, it'll triple, your fucking blind ??
Check out Britain's statistics. Right now AMERICA has the lowest (PER CAPITA) murder rate in the world ( I might be off by a few, but per capita its near correct) so set your insane Utopian dream in motion, but please wait till I've moved on to my promise land in the sky, before you start fucking up the rest of the world with your Utopian dreams..........

Oh, and anyone who thinks they can beat human nature with Utopian dreams, you really need help, and if you already have a doctor, he's a fucking quack, probably getting a diploma through affirmative action......

How can half of the one greatest country's ever devised end up with people who would rather vote for someone because of their race, instead of their qualifications ???
Someone please tell me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.....................FUCK OBAMA.....................

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