Sunday, May 18, 2014

Remington to NY: Pound Sand; Firearms Maker Moving Large Portion of Operation to Alabama


YES !!!!!!!!!!!!! Its about time, now if gun makers would refuse to sell to states that ban civilian semi auto and 30 rounds magazine's we'd stop the gun cult in its tracks............ ;)
My thanks goes to Remington, now I'll go buy that mini 1911 in .22 I've wanted, hell I'll buy it Friday !!!!!!!! ;-)


  1. I went to the fin couple weeks ago and got the tacops sig 1911 .45 and got a free sig 1911 22, both are pretty badass.

    1. As I said, I wouldn't deal with them till they told NY to F.O., so now I'm ready.........

  2. If they weren't also vacating Georgia I'd be more excited.

  3. Some of us DO refuse to sell to states that do this type of shit. http://thepoliceloophole.com/


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