Wednesday, May 7, 2014

[Video] Family of Teenage Home Invaders Speak Out Against Elderly Homeowner Who Shot and Killed Them


Another self-righteous family thinks that their little angels wouldn't ever hurt a fly, but they committed robbery and got what they deserved, I understand they were kids, but you won't catch me checking ID's before protecting my family........


  1. As usual.. I have nothing nice to say.

    Insert your own

    Fuck you

    1. Exactly, these ppl have no clue, they probably had kids to live on the governmental free-be train, now they expect to live off the guy that shot them ........ Its one fucked up world !!!!

  2. I hope there is a meteor the size of Texas screaming towards earth to bring me sweet release. I'm not the suicidal type. A meteor would be out of my control.

    Fuck this shit. I'm tired of busting my ass and getting nowhere while these leaches eat crab legs.


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