Monday, June 30, 2014

Free North Carolina: Antarctic Sea Ice Growing Despite Global Warming Warnings


A new record, hear that America, A NEW FUCKING RECORD !!

Eww: EPA Poop Perpetrator Needs to Learn How to Recycle


Why is this happening ?? Because the Obama administration is hiring all the 3rd worlders take a look at many government agencies, they're full of people that weren't born here, fucking disgusting.........

WELCOME TO SHARIA HELL: Girl Gets 1yr. In Jail For Throwing Bacon on Mosque #ClashDaily


How fucked up is this ?? If this shit starts in this country I'd bet the day after a ruling like this a whole lot of kids would be putting bacon all over these mosques, because I know when I was young...............

Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamacare Abortion Pill Rule as Violation of Religious Liberty


Strike the bitch down, all of it !!!!!!!

Its Rumpday...............


Raw Numbers for School Shootings - Political Calculations


Wow !!! I didn't even hear about this !! Must not have fit the gun grabbers talking points !!! But really, an AR, extra mags and plenty of ammo ?? You'd think it was front page news, OHHH, you mean there were armed responders in place, now I get it, not enough bodies for MSM..........

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Obama and IRS Worst Nightmare: Judge Emmet G. Sullivan............ ;)


Bwahahahaaaa, finally, someone that can maybe do something about this criminal enterprise we call the Obama administration.........

Now see, here’s where you made your mistake » Cold Fury


You've trusted the government, something the founders would never have done...........

RESPECT: Actress Amy Adams, A U.S. Soldier and A Lesson For Us All #ClashDaily


Not all of Hollywood are overplayed pompous assholes, good on you Amy......

Opium Wars – 175 Years and Still Going Strong | The Daily Sheeple


More production of Opium since America went to Afghanistan ????
Sure looks that way........

Yellow Fever..........


Obama's Nixonian turn | TribLIVE Mobile


If any American, but the pResident were this lawless, they'd be hanged......

The Daily Smug: David Icke: ISIS-The Start Of World War III (Video)


If you've got 15 minutes, watch this video, very powerful stuff on today's manipulation of countries to start the next world war...........

Army vets blast PC police for attacking Apache, Chinook helicopters as racist - Washington Times


This PC bullshit is nothing but control, controlling what ppl say, that's it plain and simple.........

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mexican Military Helicopter Flies Into U.S., Shoots at Border Patrol Agents, Flies Back - Katie Pavlich


WTF ??? Does anyone ever remember anything like what's been going on, on the border ??? I have never heard of such a thing !! We have a pussy as a pResident so they just think the can enter our country as they want, fly over and shoot at our agents, or even walk over, and shoot at our agents, the fucking Mexicoons had better remember, we are not all pussies like our faggot assed pResident. Sheesh !!!

Smokin Friday....