Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cananda Takes A Stand Against Giving Mass Murderers' Celebrity Status : Personal Liberty


Wow, what a novel idea, quit sensationalising mass shooting like something that happens on a daily basis !! But, that wouldn't help our national media from helping their political buddies try to ban firearm ownership !! That's the whole point isn't it, talk about a shooting, and only shootings, not stabbings, like its an everyday thing, that way the MSM and every communist in government to compare a RIGHT to something like driving a car, and try to take it away. Then every year let's tell the stories over and over as an anniversary of this shooting or that shooting, but the fact remains, they want our guns, and nothing will stop them from trying to take them away............
Our friends to the north have it right, how long will "We The People" let this go on in our country ?????


  1. Mike you will notice that this is "Sun" news network AKA the good guys in news up here. A far different take from the "Corpse" (CBC) who are as bad as your lame street media south of the border. I think the points taken in that article all well taken.


    1. Well, at least you have one legitimate news source, we have nothing, it shows by their profit margin dropping every year.........


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