Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Energy Markets Are On The Brink Of Crisis - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Plain English, if we lose the petro dollar, that means we won't have the monopoly on cash for oil, we are fucked !!!!
You can thank Obama and his voters for this happening with all the debt he and his criminal enterprise has wrung up...........
To put it as plainly as I can, were fucked, all because you fucking idiots wanted to give a half black, incompetent asshole a chance !!!!
I hope to see Obama voters along side congress, the senate and this administration hanging  on light poles on my way out of town !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The rub is that you are wrong in two places; (1) Obama was not "voted in by idiots" . His "selection", like every federal "election" WAS RIGGED, with the full knowledge and support of the ruling "governance" No matter who "voted"; OR HOW THEY "VOTED"; Obama would have been "elected" ,because THERE ARE NO POLITICAL PARTYS . There are only "ones with power and ones without power. Political party's are dead in the new world order" (GHW Bush --1986) (2) The destruction of the United States, its people, political system, economy and industrial base, was written into the UN charter by the men hand picked by FDR to do so. It was planed that the US, NEVER, be able to fight and win another world war, and that the people of the US would become UN citizens with no nationally elected government at all("The New Order" --Alger Hiss 1946) We do not have an "elected" government. We have a "selected" government, and no matter who you think you "vote for" you get the exact same pre decided outcome. We are NOT "losing our country to idiots" because that happened before ether one of us was born. EVERYTHING you have ever herd or been taught was propaganda meant to condition you to obedience and belief in the lie of "citizen governance". If not one single person had gone to the "polls" in 2008 Obama would still have taken office, and so will the next one and the next. THATS why they want the guns so bad "they" are afraid America will wake up and smell the clue---Ray

  2. All the politicians decorating light posts, the stuff dreams are made of.


Let me know how I'm doing, as long as your not a fucking liberal who believes that a little fairy dust will solve all the worlds ills .......;)