Thursday, June 26, 2014

ICE And Border Patrol Representatives Tell Congress Illegal Children Are Clearing The Way For Cartels - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Lawlessness, this idiot should be in prison, not in the people's house smoking cigarettes and doing probably worse !! This country had better find some balls quickly, the idiot in the Whitehouse is going to get thousands killed as terrorist's just walk right by border security picking up kids for their own safety, disgusting !!!!!!


  1. With the technology available today, you can put a nuke in a suitcase. How long before one of the terrorist groups brings one in and sets it off some place like Dallas. We are surrounded by idiots that keep re-electing the idiots.

    1. Yep, especially with Iran near having the bomb, and Obama reloading the middle east with people we've already taken off the streets, yup idiots.....


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