Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama Releases another 12 Jihad Terrorists from US Military Prison | Conservative Byte


He's just making room for his entire administration, that's all..........


  1. More from Drudge:
    Feds lowball number of children crossing border: wnd.com/2014/06/feds-lowball-number-of-children-crossing-border/

    New Use-of-Force Restrictions Placed on Border Patrol Agents: Under the new restrictions, Border Patrol agents will be required to avoid situations where deadly force may be used. “Examples include refraining from blocking moving vehicles’ paths or firing at rock-throwers unless in imminent danger, the Huffington Post reported. “Additionally, agents will be trained on how to carry and use lighter weapons, while also facing restrictions on taser use.” breitbart.com/Breitbart-Texas/2014/06/16/New-Use-of-Force-Restrictions-Placed-on-Border-Patrol-Agents

    Church Groups Ship Illegals Deeper Into U.S – With DHS detainment facilities and military bases swamped, church groups welcome illegals with open arms: infowars.com/in-gods-hands-church-groups-work-to-shelter-illegals/

    WH to honor young illegal immigrants: thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/209524-white-house-to-honor-young-adults-who-came-to-us-illegally

    And, saving the best for last.
    Immigration reform moves to states; New York eyes citizenship after 3 years of taxes: washingtonexaminer.com/immigration-reform-moves-to-states-ny-eyes-citizenship-after-3-years-of-taxes/article/2549771

    I would like to add a shit ton of sarcasm to this.
    Nah, that’s best left alone. The links posted above speak for themselves.
    There is nothing like a party, where everyone is invited.

  2. For all of the criminals, they're going to have to build a whole new prison. A big one.


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