Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ranchers in Brooks County, Texas, Round Up Illegals


This story, and the pictures in the guys truck should be made into a documentary and shown on television all across the islands and Mexico. It might slow these ILLEGAL mother fucking ALIENS down a bit......


  1. If you could only shoot them like jack rabbits.

    1. In the old days, they did. My grandfather's Indian friend said he shot hundreds of aliens in Arizona, and just buried them on his property. When they start building on that land they're in for a big surprise.......

    2. Sounds like your Grandfather and myself would have gotten along quite well. I am just so fucking sick of this ENTIRE shit and not just the border I mean everything this administration is doing.

    3. You, me and more then half of the U.S....
      The thing is we're not sure what to do yet, but I don't see this egotistical piece of shit making it for a couple more years...........


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