Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ares Armor ATF Battle......

I don't know how many ppl heard about this ongoing battle with the ATF, but if you can read this story,   aresarmor.com/store/Ares-Armor-dispute-with-the-ATF
you'll see they are putting up the good fight. It seems the ATF wants the names of the people who have bought the 80% polymer lowers and Ares-Armor told them to piss up a tree. I've been reading the goings on, and think the ATF might get their balls handed to them, as long as the judge is legitimate. Well anyway, they have some great prices on stuff, I bought a bolt and carrier for $70.00 that others want $180.00, and it worked flawlessly. Take a look, Check out their prices, and help them beat the ATF's ass !!!!!!!!......... ;)


  1. A while back I saw a segment on NutnFancy Project that pretty much explained their plight with ATF. Agree with you that the gun grabbers seem to be over goose-stepping their bounds again on this one.


    1. They've got some nice stuff too..... ;)


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