Saturday, August 2, 2014

Longear Sunfish Mysteriously Rediscovered in Iowa, First Sighting in 80 Years | Field & Stream


This kind of thing makes me wonder, if a fish goes extinct because of changing weather and such, will they reappear if the conditions get better ?? It sure seems that way !!
Take that PETA !! Maybe you don't know shit !!!!


  1. That variety of Sunfish has always flourished in Missouri and since we had so many Winters that were mild before this last one I would say it just re-extended it's range.

    When I was a kid, even up into my 20's Armadillos were never seen in Missouri. Now adays they are everywhere and have even managed to get North of the Missouri river now.

    I also have a small farm pond that I never stocked with fish and it turned up having Sunfish in it one year. I have heard they can travel on waterfowl legs.

  2. A lot of times eggs will become embedded in the feathers of waterfowl and deposited in foreign lakes.

  3. This is for both of you......
    An older guy who's son I used to hang with used to bust my balls, always, well he told me about the eggs traveling by birds, only he told me the fish held on to the birds feet. Thank both of you for the reminder, the guy is long dead, and you brought back an awesome memory, and maybe a tear........ ;)


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