Monday, August 18, 2014

New Kid on the Glock: Glock 42 Review | Gun Digest


Hmmm, do I sell the old llama and invest ?? I don't know about selling the llama, but one of these is probably in my future.......... ;)


  1. From what I have seen the G42 is hit or miss just like the G36 with feed and stovepipe issues. You may get one that has no problems or one that is a constant problem. I like Glocks and use a Glock as my primary carry piece but the slimline sub-compact models are not going to be in my future.

    1. I've owned many guns, some only for a short time. If one comes around at a good price, I'll snatch it, if I don't like it, I'll sell it to a dealer........ ;)

  2. Hang on to those Llama's. They went out of business. I have 2, a IIIA 380 and a X1A 45. I love them. I carried the 45 as my primary carry gun for years. They always go bang.

  3. My 1971 IIIA .380 is my summer carry gun, its slim, and goes bang, and I let a first time shooter fire it and a Glock19, she loved the Llama, its dead nuts....... ;)


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