Monday, August 11, 2014

N.J. town erupts after council votes to rename Kennedy Center as the Obama Center - Washington Times


Fuck it, why not just call America "The United States of Obama" and get it over with !!!!!!
There is seriously something wrong when the worst pResident in the history of this once great nation is lowered to the standard of the first affirmative action pResident..........
....................FUCK OBAMA......................
Theres a lot more I could say about JFK losing his head and all, but what in the fuck has this asshole in the blackhouse ever done ?? Please someone give me something.....


  1. I'm sorry I but I can not give you one damn thing that this asshole has done right----NOT ONE!!!!! Maybe someone else can.

  2. I hope the brain dead city council members get a load full of whoop ass for this travesty!

    1. Tar and feather I'd be nice !!!!!!!!!


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