Sunday, August 17, 2014

Will Hickenlooper's Support Of Gun Control Doom Him In Colorado? - Bearing Arms


Let's hope so !! Lest hope all the "governmental representative's" see that hooking up with the likes of asshole Jews like Michael Bloomberg will get your ass fired, like my little city's mayor, haha !!!!!!!!
Now, don't get me wrong on the Jew comment, I do not dislike Jews in the least little bit, it disgusts me when a person hates a religion or race over a few assholes, but I despise the American Jews that get on there soapbox and tell me or Israel what they should be doing, while sitting at their kitchen table just being an asshole !!!!
Right now in this country, there are a bunch of Jews that have forgotten the Holocaust and the price the world paid to give them Israel..............


  1. I never understood why he wasn't recalled when they got rid of the other 2. I think he's going to be toast. Bloomy spent 350,000 dollars during the recall and both of them still lost. I hope he keeps right on "helping" these demonrats.

    1. You'd think these idiots would wake up, but then again they are progs....


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