Saturday, September 13, 2014

A lesson for the ladies........

If you don't want your man to stray, work to get your behinds looking like these ... Now most of you worked pretty hard to get your man, why not work a bit harder to get your asses to look this good ... I promise you he'll stay in bed longer, do whatever you ask and you'll basically have him wrapped around your finger........... ;-D


  1. If a man strays because your tush ain't quite tight enough he's a Fucking Ass the begin with. Ladies, do it to make yourselves feel good, it's your body. Then please, or punish him for loving you either way... ;-)

    And since we're on the topic of "straying" ...I've been around the "Look what you made me do" attitude long enough to "stray" away from any glimpses of it. Sure a tight ass is nice to look at, but most of 'em are owned by teenagers or woman not much older... hence, your selection here today. Do I need to remind you that a kitten will some day grow up to be cat. No matter how "cute" they are, they don't stay like that!!!

    Being sexy is way more about attitude then anything....

    I think your new 300+HP, green "convertible" has gone to your head... perhaps you should dye your hair blond and go for a cruse with the top down, whistling at all the tight asses around. Maybe you can pick up a few strays. Let me know how that works for ya... "Old Angry" :P

    Men... ~ shaking head~ as if you guys are studs forever... yet, we still love you....

    1. Hmmm, well I'm gonna think on this for a few minutes, as not to hurt to many ppl's feelings, so I'm gonna take my dog for a walk to ponder my come back, I think I'll leave the convertible at home........... ;-p

    2. Fine :P
      I'll take it back, well not the first part, or the second... but the part about your car. What can I tell ya, you hit a nerve... :/

      Butt Seriously... :D
      Our little "Blog War" was not meant to get personal, so my apologize there.
      Carry on... ;-)

    3. Oh thank you oh mighty queen, I'm glad I can carry on with your permission......... ;-P

    4. Makes all the difference don't it ;-)

      Glad to see your ego ain't bruised... Still infuriating as ever... :P

    5. Infuriating is good !!!!!! ;)

    6. Brownie points indeed.... ;-)


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