Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Colt Canada Now Selling Diemaco Rifles to the Public - The Firearm Blog


OK, so I've read the entire article, which is rare, and it says they are restricted in Canada, but this is for the civilian market .... So which is it ?? Restricted, or for sale to civilian market ?? Any Canadians out there that can clarify ????? Thanks...... ;)


  1. three classes of firearms in Canada due to the provisions of Bill c68. non-restricted, ie free to use without a transport permit, restricted ie pistols and rifles that look dangerous ( I kid you not) and prohibited ( you can't have them because they are fully automatic or someone thinks they look really dangerous) prohibited cannot normally be brought to a range for shooting or transfered to another person who dosen't already have a prohibited firearm and permits.

    1. So basically, you need permits to get them, but they are obtainable, you just got to be a good boy with connections........ Got it........ Thanks...


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