Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daily Read: On Poverty, Another War We Lost - Personal Liberty : Personal Liberty


Yes poverty is worse, we see kids in school breakfast and lunch programs all over the country, a friend had a certain day that her kids couldn't miss each year because it was when the feds counted the children, which told them how much money each school district got from the feds .... But if we really look at who receives the most money from the feds, it the families that have a 2 or 3 year old car or SUV, the latest cell phone and momma always has to have long expensive nails that need redone on a regular basis !!! The government is so big, it doesn't know who is gaming the system, in the old days welfare ppl would come to the ppls houses on a regular basis to see exactly where the money was being spent, not anymore, can't afford to pay THAT many ppl, to many ppl are gaming the system.....
I have never excepted one dollar from any federal government agency in my entire life, but if I had to it would be on a temporary basis, its a lifestyle for to many people in this once great country, and if it doesn't come under some kind of control soon, there won't be any money left for it...............

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