Sunday, September 28, 2014

FBI Blasts Apple, Google Phone Encryption: It "Allows People To Be Beyond The Law"" | Zero Hedge


Wow, and libturds want the government to be the only ones with the guns and ammo !!!! This idiot has his head up the government's ass so far he can't see any light !! I wonder, would he want the authorities to be able to go through HIS phone if the political winds changed, say if patriots came to power ????
I think not.... Fools, all of them.......


  1. If the following has not already happened it will soon....
    a black sedan with tinted windows pulls up in front of corporate HQ. Men in black suits with sunglasses exit the vehicle and enter the building. They proceed to the board room where after gathering the company brass they state quite plainly. "You WILL put a backdoor into your systems so that the government may access ALL of the info that passes through your products or you WILL be arrested and since the wheels of the system grind VERY SLOWLY when we want them to you could EASILY die before you ever see a judge.........and Oh, by the way.....if any of you even state that we were here let alone what we said you WILL be held incommunicado till the war on terror ends for violating national security protocols."

  2. Sounds a lot like the Nazi's, you know the ppl Americans died fighting against......

    1. I just thought, we this idiot shouldn't have said anything, at least the government used to hide their true feelings, not so much anymore .... We've turned the keys completely over to them, the mask is off in the "land of the free"......... ;-(


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