Saturday, September 13, 2014

Former OU running back and Minnesota Viking star, Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse | KFOR.com


OK, I see some marks on the kid, so !!!!
This is a parent disciplining HIS child, I got my ass beat many times in the 70's , and now I'm a homeowner, that's been employed by the same company for over 30 years !!!!!!
This country is so fucked up on "this will injure the child when he's older" bullshit that these kids threaten to call children services every time you look at them wrong !!!!!!!
Kids are shooting kids on the streets everyday, parents are afraid to discipline there children, so what do we have. ??? A bunch of stupid young adults running the streets thinking the world is there's, oh and voting for idiots like Obama, till that bullet hits !!!
Libtardism has got to go, you never heard of any of this shit in the 40's, why ?? The kids knew better, they were taught for every action there's a reaction............... This makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I told my kids a couple of months ago we were going old school moving forward
    This just isn't a punishment aspect.

    - rumson

  2. Just look at a few of these....

  3. OK Leon, I see real abuse in those pictures, but the "leaked" pictures may not even be his kid. He might have taken it a bit far, but in this world if you don't get your kid straightened out, he'll end up dead. I carry on a daily basis because of the poor children that never we're taught there is a reaction to every action.
    Let's see how this plays out in court, he's been suspended and hasn't been found guilty of anything, as a certain prosecutor once said, " I can get a ham sandwich indicted.........

  4. He might have went a little overboard, but criminal charges? When I was 12, I got my only ass whooping from my Dad. He got a piece of firewood out of the fireplace and whaled on my ass. I never did that again. Lesson learned.

    I have never considered a spanking to be child abuse. Hell, I got my share of swats in school. Now, the ones that cross the line and abuse kids, there's not a jail cell dark and tight enough.

    1. You said it Robert, I agree, if these kids are not taught lessons of life, they end up like most kids today !!!
      Libtardism wants to blame everyone and everything but the person who does wrong, that's why this world is getting all fucked up !!!!!!


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