Monday, September 1, 2014

QUICKTRIP STORE: 'We Will NOT Re-Build in #Ferguson' - Clash Daily


This is typical of the inner city, these thugs steal from, intimidate and then destroy their stores ... Then what ?? Well where I live, the burbs just outside of Cleveland, they come here, then complain they have no stores .. But what do they do when they come out here ?? They drive like they've never driven before, steal stuff and break stuff in the stores ... One thing they won't do is destroy the stores, if and when they riot, they know not to come out here, they'd be burying more then one body .. So what can be done ?? I have no idea, we've thrown millions on billions to educate these inner city thugs since the sixties you would think all that money would start paying dividends eventually, but I haven't seen much............


  1. Not so good for the ppl in outlying areas, they will just be driving farther for food, and they will find it...........


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