Sunday, October 5, 2014

Colo. welfare recipients illegally spent $500K on alcohol in the last two years: report - Washington Times


BULLSHIT !!!!!! This is only showing withdrawal's in liquor stores and casinos !! These people get cash withdrawal's on a monthly basis, WHY ?? There's no reason that people living off of your and my hard work should get cash, its for food, they get other subsidies for natural gas and electric bills and such .. If they need gasoline they can bum a ride, its not like 99% of the people are using their car to go put in application's !!!!!
As I've said before, I'm almost 50 and have never gotten a dollar from the feds, through strikes, layoffs and injury I've only used state moneys, which are designed for short term help .. They've never stopped taking from me though !!!
Its called getting off your fat asses and getting out there !! The longest I was off was through injury, 8 months, it was a back injury that I still deal with today, but I'm still working despite 24-7 pain, that's called being an American...........

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