Friday, October 3, 2014

Illegal alien babysitter charged with killing 7-week-old girl in Ohio - National Immigration Reform | Examiner.com


This pisses me the fuck off !!!!!! That piece of shit in the whitehouse should be brought up on charges in this child's murder !! These ppl are in our country, probably as cheap daycare providers, and Americans trust that they are legal immigrant's !! They should all be rounded up and sent packing !!! Obama is setting these  uneducated ppl free on our streets to reproduce, use what our fathers built, without ever being checked out !!!
WTF happened to my country ????


  1. The old "racists" called them 'mud people" & wanted them all sent back to where they came from. Wise men!

    1. Our immigration policy is all fucked up as it is, you add the millions of ppl crossing the border illegally, it gets way outa hand, and that's what it is, WAY FUCKING OUTA HAND !!!!!


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