Sunday, October 19, 2014

The social democratic state is destroying Europe - The Commentator


OK, let me explain to the uninformed how big government works.........
Government produces nothing, nothing that the government does brings money into a country .. A countries GDP is what produces wealth of said country (what is sold abroad) government takes their money from the ppl that produce the things sold abroad.... This is why America had such a boom after WWII, many many countries had their infrastructure bombed into obligation and America wasn't touched (except Hawaii) . So the more ppl that work in government (non producers) eat up a bigger slice of the pie that civilians should have in their pockets, so what is produced in this country isn't affordable to the peoples of said country, get it now ?????
That's just a high school graduates take, I'm sure its more involved, but as a basis, this is why our country still has more people unemployed then since our last inept pResident (Carter) was in office !!! Yep another DemocRat !!!!!!!

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