Sunday, November 30, 2014

Obama to Host Meetings with Civil Rights Leaders on Ferguson


What, didn't they start the race war that this administration is begging for ?? Keep pushing race baiters, you'll get the desired outcome.............

Police Order Oath Keepers to Stop Guarding Businesses in Ferguson - Conservative Byte


So the feds are putting sniper teams up, I guess no good deed goes unpunished, what this means is the feds want the whole city to burn !! We see the true nature of Ebama and his band of merry criminals.........

Ladies And Weapons..........


How Much is Silver Worth | Why You Should Invest in $100 Worth of Silver & Gold


A quick way to understand how our dollar is being devalued, if you put a one hundred dollar bill away you'd still have that 100 dollars, but buy 100 dollars in gold, you'd have a whole lot more......

Federal officials issue new code of conduct for police highway seizures - The Washington Post


Another feel good tactic, this is all just a guideline, nothing is in stone, its bullshit !!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Politically Incorrect Toy from 1964 – The Johnny Seven One Man Army - Patriot Outdoor News


This was a year before I was born, but if it would have come out in 69 or 70, no doubt I would have had one !! Hell, I'll take one now......... ;)

Remington Model 887 Shotgun Recall - Patriot Outdoor News


This is a public service announcement, so if anyone has bought a Remington 887, better read this..........

Blooming Assault on Nevada


This out of state astro turf bullshit should be outlawed !! Wonder if the Nevada voters are as stupid as Washington state voters, time will tell...........

Its Caturday


Islamic Jihad Rears In Texas


So, a Saudi national tries to drive a car with explosives into a army base, and its not ruled a terrorist attack immediately ?? It must be the muzzie in the whitehouse again !! How long before they succeed ??????

Washington Post/ AP Misrepresent Black Friday Background Checks | Bearing Arms


Background check's, this explains the three answers that the government gives, I really didn't know how it worked, now I do.... I am held up EVERY time I buy a new firearm, there's someone I actually grew up with living in the same city with the same name as me, but a different middle name and he's a felon.... It sucks, but I an to lazy to send in my prints and jump through the hoops they've put up for ppl like me, so I wait between 5 - 7 days since the background check started, fun....... ;-/

Friday, November 28, 2014

BREAKING: Liberal @Snopes Couple OKs Publishing #DarrenWilson Address... - Got News


More idiots that need a taste of their own medicine..................

Valerie Jarrett In Close, Regular Contact With Missouri Gov. Who “Forgot” To Send In National Guard To #Ferguson – Conservative Hideout 2.0


How can an unelected person have so much power in this country, it criminal !!

BREAKING: COPS: NYT Reporter Who Published #DarrenWilson Address Calling Cops Nonstop - Got News


Bwahahaha !!!!!!!!!!! Bitch !!!!!!!!!

A Young Boilerdoc........

Yikes !!!!!!!