Monday, November 24, 2014

Ben Carson Clarifies His Stance on 2nd Amendment, Supports Owning Any Type of Firearm


I don't know, they all jump through hoops to get elected, then fall back in what they really believe, plus he has no experience.........


  1. Sounds like a little backpedaling.

  2. Remeber Kerry? He was for it before he was against it. The only way I could ever belive Carson now, he will have to come to my house, look me in the eye and tell me he was wrong. He took a very unpopular position and when the gun rights folks called him on it, he changed his position. Nothing says "politician" like a good flip-flop.

    1. And not only what he said to us, he has no experience, I don't want to compare him to "Dear Leader" but I think we need someone with executive experience.........

  3. Too late. You're a guy dipping your toe into the Presidential waters, you need to do some research and reason out your stances first. Instead, he shot from the hip (pun intended) with his unfiltered thoughts/feelings on this issue. And he screwed up, big.


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