Monday, November 24, 2014

Chief asks community to come together after police kill boy who had fake gun | Personal Liberty


Since this is my neighborhood, I heard about this on the way to work, one person said to me that it must have been a black on black thing, because there's not to much outrage........ Yet !!!!


  1. Watching Ferguson announcement now. If the cop is cleared, I think we may see some shit go down here in NE Ohio. Hope not, but... I'm switching from single to double stack for a few days, just in case. You and yours stay safe Mike.

    1. I'll have the Glock, so I'm good for 17, but I'll be keeping an eye out.....

  2. He's cleared. Let the festivities commence. Festivities or shitstorm, whichever you prefer. I really help cool heads prevail, both here and in Ferguson, but unfortunately... I think the storm's a comin'. I'll be keeping my head down and watching my six.


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