Sunday, November 9, 2014

Obama Blurs the Line Between Deception and Denial


If the Rethuglicans let this nigga get away with letting 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS become citizens, these motherfuckers had better start impeachment hearings the same day !! We the motherfucking people didn't sent these jackwagons to let 'King Putt' do whatever he feels like !! The leaders of the thug parts had better stick that pen and that phone so far up his ass, Bubba will be the only one who can find it find it in cell block C-5 !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Unless and until there are 67 Senators who are willing to vote FOR impeachment there is no point in even trying. The bill of impeachment originates in the House but is tried in the Senate and requires a majority vote to succeed. If an attempt is made and fails Obama will STILL be in office and have been handed a huge club
    to beat on congress with....the failed impeachment. When they tried it on Slick Willie it backfired then and if they try it now without the votes to succeed it will be a publicity bonanza for the SCOAMF.

    1. And if he was to be impeached, there would be a shortage of big screen TVs, because a brother was done wrong, so the nigga's would just have to riot !!!!!!


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