Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sultan Knish: Super-Amnesty Will Turn Every City into Detroit


Wow !!! Now this is an interesting theory !! In 1986, after the last immigration law was passed, murder rates in big cities shot up, why you ask ?? Because of all the jobless thugs that came to America looking for the land of milk and honey !! So, is Ebama pushing amnesty for all these illegal aliens so murder rates shoot up again, then they (the left) can push more gun control ??
Never let a good crisis go to waste, the D-Rat moto, so is that it, let more thugs in, who then shoot more american's, so then they can ban more types of guns??
It sounds like we have the D-Rats doing the devil's work for him............


  1. If jug ears signs amnesty, the first act of the new congress should be impeachment. There's only 2 years left, how much damage can shotgun Joe really do?

    1. They say impeachment is off the table, well if it is, expect big changes in 16, if we're not in the middle of a civil war by then......


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